And the Oscar goes to …Fulham’s Andreas Pereira

Want to see one of the most dramatic overreactions to the slightest touch on a football field? Of course you do.

When Fulham’s Andreas Pereira and Crystal Palace’s Joachim Andersen bumped shoulders (Impossible to say who walked into whom) and Andersen lightly touched Pereira’s back, you’d have thought the Fulham midfielder had been hit by a battering ram.

Watch how it went down. Or rather, watch how he went down.

What on EARTH is this??????
byu/Decent_Age_1707 inTheOther14


Reddit users added to the comedy with these comments.

A fucking massacre. Palace should drop points really.

Life changing injury.

Has anyone mentioned the fact that he could have been killed?

An assassination attempt.

My bones hurt just watching that. Poor guy, how ever will he recover?

His club just released a statement saying he passed due to complications from the injury.
Tendy Sauce

Call the cops.

Did you not see how hard his pinky hit the other players back?

Where there’s blame there’s a claim.

We apologise if all those responses broke your sarcasm meters.

Capital-Touch-114 pointed out something about Pereira’s behaviour.

He probably hurt himself more by falling down.

Rabb_11 gave the player the benefit of the doubt.

OP is clearly under 30 and has never experienced a sudden unexpected movement obliterating their back

But Andreas Pereira is 27, soooo …


People can’t decide if this footballer’s intervention is shithousery or tactical genius

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