‘Translating Scouse into English’ is the dialect tutorial you didn’t know you needed

Mahan Lankarani – @mahanlankarani – is probably best known on TikTok for his trivia quizzes, which have pulled in a very impressive one and a half million followers.

As he says in his bio ‘Learn everything the fun way’, and we can confirm that it’s possible to go down quite a rabbit hole once you start watching his videos, but you’ll become a much more useful member of the pub quiz team.

However, it’s a joint tutorial with his Liverpudlian wife, Samantha, that caught our attention. Watch and learn.

@mahanlankarani Translating scouse (Liverpool) into English #scouse #liverpool #learnontiktok ♬ Reflections on 52nd – AGM3

“Seen this proper divvy, like – selling jarg bifters.”

“I’ve seen this idiotic person – selling fake cigarettes.”

While Samantha’s laughter is infectious, we feel we need to pay homage to Mahan’s face when she calls him ‘Lid’.


At the time of writing, the post has a million views, almost 80,000 likes and is well on its way to two thousand comments, including these –

I need Scouse on Duolingo
Bird Milk

As a fellow Scouser I understood everything she said, didn’t know what he was goin on about doh lol.

From this day forward, Christmas will forever be known to me as Crimbo.

No way any of that was understandable!!!!

Watching love island uk really did not prepare me for this.

I’m Australian. Checked in at Liverpool airport & absolutely couldn’t understand the woman at the counter. My British husband had to translate.

I almost thought I knew what the last one was but I thought kecks was gonna be shoes.
Anthea Castelli

These all sound like words they’d make up for Star Wars.

Scouse is my absolute favorite accent.

As a “wool” I understand all of this.
elesse80 (Anna)

Me arriving in Liverpool in 2004, thinking I knew English. Worst 4 months.

This is how I feel when my partner is listening to The Anfield Wrap.

Christ that is a whole new language haha.

I think I would be as lost in Liverpool as I would be in Greece.
Klaus Von Herdy

For those of you wondering whether the phrases in the video will be enough to see you through a weekend by the Mersey, the answer is no. Luckily, Mahan and Samantha covered a few more.

@mahanlankarani Part 2 of translating scouse (Liverpool) into English #scouse #liverpool #accents #learnontiktok ♬ Reflections on 52nd – AGM3

Now you’ll be sound as a pound.

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