Joe Lycett had the very best response to Suella Braverman’s sacking and won everyone’s vote

Spare a thought – only kidding! – for Suella Braverman who was sacked as Home Secretary today by PM Rishi Sunak.

No stranger to leaving government under a cloud, Braverman was finally given the heave-ho after she was blamed for inflaming tensions over Armistice Day protests, and for saying police favoured leftwing protestors.

And there was no end of fabulous farewells to Braverman (you can read 23 of our favourites here). Kathy Burke was especially memorable when she said this.

But we reckon the top prize goes to Joe Lycett, no stranger to putting Braverman in her place, of course.


It was Lycett, of course, who had the very best response to the (now former) Home Secretary’s comments about homelessness being a ‘lifestyle choice’.

Here it is.


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And later this happened …

And then this happened!

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about Lycett (and Braverman) today.

To conclude …

And this.


23 early reactions to the news that Suella Braverman has been given the boot

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