Simply 17 hilarious times Piers Morgan was brutally owned into next year

We feature no end of comebacks and takedowns on these pages, but it’s rarely more satisfying than when it’s Piers Morgan on the end of it.

Most recently it was Louis Theroux giving him a pummelling over on Twitter, so we thought it about time to round up 17 of our favourite times Morgan was schooled into next year. Beginning with … who else?

1. When he said he could beat Louis Theroux in the boxing ring

2. When he asked an OnlyFans ‘influencer’ what her kids would make of what she does and was crushed by her comeback

3. When he said he was glad he wasn’t Canadian

4. When he got on the Tube for the first time in 30 years and James Blunt did this

5. When he trolled Dan Walker after he made fun of him at an awards speech – and Walker replied like this

6. When he took aim at Tim Burgess and the Charlatans

7. When he was called out on his own TV show over Meghan and Harry

8. When he said Mick Lynch loved the oxygen of TV

9. When Steve Coogan said this about him at the Baftas