The way this guy dealt with a woman who ‘really came out swinging’ on Tinder deserves some kind of award

Time now for exhibit 374 in our never-ending parade of reasons why we’re glad we’ve never been on Tinder.

This particular exchange went viral because of the singular attitude of the woman for whom ‘feisty’ doesn’t explain the half of it. Or even a hundredth.

And we share it not just because of that, but because of the extraordinary patience of the guy on the receiving end. And the whole thing is quite something.

‘She really came out swinging,’ said TCOLSTATS who shared it over on Reddit.





That’s feisty with a capital F. For ‘F off.’

And here are just a few of the (printable) things people said about it over on Reddit.

‘Projection for the insufferable is an art form.’

‘Right, I mean why even like someone’s profile in the first place if you already have a prejudice, and then go on to complain about people who like such people. I don’t do casual dating, but people shouldn’t be shamed for doing it.

‘As long as everyone is an adult and is consenting without coercion, or under the influence, people should be free to do what makes them happy.’

‘Sheesh. She sounds insufferable. She’s dissing your 6pack photo but I mean she swiped on you so what gives? What a sad, miserable person. You sound delightful. Keep at it.’

‘Bro…why you go so low responding to her haha.’

‘I wanted to see the hatred in person.’

‘Bullet dodged. More like rocket dodged, sheesh.’

‘You know it’s gonna be bad when their opener is “how do you plan on procuring resources for my future offspring”.’

Only one question remained.

‘Ok but can we see the dog.’


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