This young man’s David Bowie pastiches are spot-on and very funny

Who doesn’t love the music of David Bowie? He wrote great tunes with amazing lyrics in every genre of music he worked in, which were manifold. He could write brilliant songs in every style – rock, pop, soul, jazz, glam rock, electronic, blues, folk and much more.

And it’s clear from this video on TikTok that musician Peter Rugman is a huge fan, too. His loving parody of Bowie’s musical progression from 1967 to 1973 is pitch perfect and amazingly funny.

Don’t believe us? Have a look…

@thenonstickpansBowie Supercut. When was YOUR fave era?

♬ original sound – Peter Rugman

Beautiful! Thanks to Afterglow for sharing on Twitter.

Let’s have a look at the comments…

This Peter Rugman chap should have a bright future. Follow @thenonstickpans on TikTok here!

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