Joe Lycett had the best response to Rishi Sunak’s hilariously tetchy Rwanda emergency press conference

As he watches the last vestiges of his unelected authority slip from his grasp, Rishi Sunak called an emergency press conference on Thursday to tell anyone that would listen that his doomed Rwanda policy was going to work.

Oh yes it was!

Except no-one was buying it, not leat his (now former) immigration minister Robert Jenrick, who threw in the towel the previous day.
And the word that most people appeared to use about Sunak’s appearance today was, well, tetchy.

And his attempt to stamp his authority on the issue – which, almost admirably, managed to achieve the exact opposite – generated no end of response as you might imagine.

But the last word – and not for the first time – should surely go to the great and famously right-wing Joe Lycett.

Job done.

And it took us back to what Joe tweeted when Sunak became PM.

This person surely speaks for everyone.


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Source @joelycett