Footballer Joey Barton’s defence why he can’t possibly be sexist goes straight into the facepalm hall of fame

You’ll be aware that for the last day or two former footballer Joey Barton has been telling everyone who would listen – Piers Morgan in this case – that women are ruining football.

Specifically, women pundits giving their take on the men’s game. Barton, who played for Newcastle, Man City and QPR among other clubs, reckons women are ‘taking over’ and it ‘ruins the experience for most men and it’s the men’s game’.

There’s a trophy-winning round-up of all the best responses here, but we mention it again because of Barton’s reasoning that he can’t possibly be sexist – THE VERY THOUGHT!.

But if you can’t bring yourself to watch the whole thing, cut straight to the chase with this.

Extraordinary scenes.

Ah yes, of course, the David Brent defence.

To conclude …

Source @PiersUncensored