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These wedding vows’ unexpected plot twist is surely the most American thing you’ll see this year

It’s not unusual, you won’t be surprised to learn, for couples to tailor their wedding vows to reflect what is particularly special to them.

Indeed, adding in your own bespoke line or two can make the whole thing so much more memorable.

And yet this particular plot twice – while undoubtedly memorable, no arguments there – took the ceremony to a whole new world of cringe. At least, it did if you’re not American.

Specifically, these Americans.

Speak now or forever hold your peace
byu/durackvacar inUnexpected

Didn’t see that coming!

‘Brandishing. As a joke. In a church.

“That’s awesome!”

‘This fucking country.’

‘Some americans are so messed up by their fanatical gun policies that they dont see how insane this is.’

‘Well that’s trashy as hell.’

‘How many lifted trucks do you think are in the parking lot?’

‘I love how they celebrating that during a wedding ceremony are like half a dozen loaded guns. an being (albeit jokingly) threatened to be killed over a ceremony.’

‘I promise we aren’t all this crazy.’

And just in case the entire thing was lost on you, this person had an explainer (and we presume it’s the right one!).

‘See, she has a gun, so she’s going to shoot people who disagree/argue with her. Hilarity ensues.’

‘ohhhh that makes a lot more sense, i thought when the priest said “forever hold your peace” it was a pun on “piece” meaning gun.’

‘It would, but the question is not aimed at the bride and groom. The joke is that she has her piece to respond to them saying their peace.
It’s a shit joke.’

Source Reddit u/durackvacar