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This rugby ref tackled bad behaviour with the old ‘I’m not mad’ line – and it’s next-level man management

Rugby Union referee Aimee Barrett-Theron unleashed a nuclear-level rebuke during the under-20s Six Nations clash between Wales and England on Friday, and captains Finn Carnduff and Harri Ackerman knew they were in trouble.

Watch what happened.

@englandrugby You know you’re in trouble when the ref says this #englandrugby #rugby #sixnationsrugby ♬ Oh My Own – LC DE VV

“You know, boys, I’m not mad, I’m just really disappointed, because you both gave me buy-ins before the game in the changing room that you would be able to control your players.

So, did you lie to me, or is it something you can fix from now?

Thank you. Speak to both your teams.”

Viewers felt the secondhand heat from her reprimand.

She gave them the disappointed mother treatment and that’s worse than just yelling at them.
I love it.


After watching this I made my bed and volunteered to do the dishes …and I don’t even know why.
Sufian M118

I can just imagine the team speech… “she’s not messing about lads, we’d better buck up”.
Deborah Dixon

‘Did you lie to me?’ Immediately turns it into a personal responsibility for the captain to solve.
Richard Somerton

Rugby is so civilized, a gentleman’s game.

Such a legend of a ref. Her games are always so well controlled.

She did not just pull out the I’m disappointed card …nothing hurts more

You’ve let me down and you’ve let yourselves down.
Rob Parker

Sorry, Mum.

I would have burst out laughing But it’s absolutely class the way rugby players deal with refs and visa-versa.
Story Rory

Emotional manipulation is an approach I’ve not seen before but it worked.
Paul Farthing

Shaine M may have a point, but we live in hope.

The level of respect and integrity rugby has football could never

It may well join Gabby Logan‘s magic powers in the Six Nations Hall of Fame.

In case you don’t know, England U-20s won 28-7.


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