A BBC reporter’s highly inappropriate BAFTA question for Andrew Scott had everyone cringing

The 2024 BAFTAs ceremony saw the Irish contingent arrive with a string of nominations and bags of style.

When Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal, attending with the cast and creative crew of All Of Us Strangers, stepped up to announce an award, MC David Tennant hit the perfect tone.

But social media has been dominated by this shocking moment on the red carpet, when the BBC’s Colin Paterson chose not to ask Andrew Scott about the film he was in, but instead asked about Barry Keogh‘s now notorious nude dance at the end of Saltburn.

It’s a very uncomfortable watch.

“Do you know Barry well?”
“I know Barry, yeah.”

“Okay, your reaction when you first saw the naked dance scene at the end of Saltburn?”
“Okay, well listen, I won’t spoil it for anybody. It’s great. It’s great.”

“You can spoil away.”
“I won’t spoil it for anybody.”

“There is a lot of talk about prosthetics. How well do you know him? Too much? Too much?”

Yes, it’s too much. Far too much. Would he ask straight actors if they were familiar with their friends’ naked bodies? He certainly didn’t do that at the BAFTAs.

The reactions were quite rightly every bit as outraged as you’d expect.










Andrew Scott has recently spoken about the micro-aggression behind journalists’ choice of language around gay actors.

Colin Paterson has yet to commented.


Andrew Scott’s reaction to this particular Fleabag fan’s (NSFW) appreciation of him was just fabulous

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