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GB News’s Beverley Turner was unhappy ITV’s new Covid drama was written by a doctor and make this response available on prescription

To the world of GB News presenter Beverley Turner now – you remember, the one who called Russell Brand ‘a hero’ a few months back – who’s not happy with new ITV drama, Breathtaking.

Joanne Froggatt stars as a frontline Covid consultant in the three-part series which has been described by critics as ‘searing’, ‘harrowing’ and ‘deeply sad’, a devastating account of the worst public health crisis in recent memory which ‘perfectly captures the chaos, the impossible decisions and the utterly shameful government failings’.

Such is the impact likely to be that people are already saying it will do for NHS staff what another ITV drama, Mr Bates, did for Post Office victims.

But back to Beverley Turner, who was appalled to find the drama about the NHS during Covid had been written by a real-life NHS doctor, Dr Rachel Clarke.

And while not everyone replied with the same thing, most people did, and these people surely said it best.

And also.

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And another actual doctor.

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