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A Christian asked atheists what they’d say to God on judgement day and this answer went wildly viral

Here’s a Q&A that’s just gone wildly viral, a man who challenged atheists to answer what they’d say to God on judgement day and this particular atheist – Rachel Klinger Cain – took him very much at his word.

@iblamebill #stitch with @robertvasquez6815 Imagine having the audacity to ask atheists what they will say on judgement day while openingly celebrating our eventual torture. #audacity #characterdevelopment #dobetter #nope #judgementday ♬ What will you say to God – Rachel Klinger Cain

Here it is again on Reddit, just in case that’s tricky to watch.

Inquiring minds want to know..
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And just a few of the things people said about it.

‘No philosophy, metaphors just simple logical questions.’

‘My question – so, which religion won your lottery? Just curious, cause they all believe they are the only true believers!’

‘When you sent the frog plague on egypt was it a single godzilla sized frog?

(for context in the hebrew text it uses the singular word for frog when referring to the frog plague so biblical scholars often debate what that means.) explanations include a frog that multiplies every time its hit, and ofc the godzilla sized frog, and a really studious regular sized frog that managed to terrorize all of egypt.’

‘Why did you put my g-spot inside my anus then make gay sex a sin?’

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