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Underwear company Shinesty boxed clever with the funniest snark to a couple of freebie hunters

Clothing brand Shinesty makes garments like nobody else – mostly underwear – with quirky images, comfortable fabrics and unique names, including the highly descriptive Ball Hammock.

You can tell by their products that they have a sense of humour, but they really demonstrated it when they were contacted by a bride-to-be on the hunt for freebies.

Here’s how that worked out for her.

@shinestythreads Mazel tov mf #weddingcard #workhumor #screenshot #greetingcards #greetingcard #customcards #shinesty #officelife ♬ original sound – Shinesty

We’re not just impressed by the perfect passive-aggressiveness of Shinesty’s response, but also by that card! It’s the nicest way anyone has ever said “Eff you, scrounger!”

TikTok users agreed that they nailed it.

Well played Shinesty. Well played.

Gawd, I love this level of petty snark!

Thank u it’s my job : )

I would’ve added “here’s a 10% coupon code off your first purchase”.
Adriana Mercado

I can’t wait for the algorithm to show the reaction video.

They have some ‘splainin to do.

The girl saying she wanted to poke a hole in it was a whole mood.

The CEO being totally game I love it.

He is a capitalist pig but he’s MY capitalist pig.

I love this!!!! People are always asking my business for free things/donations but never shop here. You are a genius!

It’s not the size of the brain, it’s how u use it.

I wonder how many companies’ customer service emails were in that bcc line

Oh god probably like 75.

Arkansasmomma02 pointed this out.

I mean, they got exactly what they asked for… ‘branded merch OR a card…’ They better display it.

We expect they stood it next to the cake.

If the Shinesty sense of humour – or their tuxedo undies – have tempted you to find out more, you can check out their products via their website.


This classic takedown of an Instagram model/scrounger is one for the ages

Source Shinesty Image Screengrab