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The Sunday Sport had the best response to that ‘manipulated’ Kate Middleton image

If the Royal family hoped a single picture would put an end to all that Kate Middleton speculation, they were wrong.

Because it turned out the picture they put out had been ‘manipulated’ (as you can’t possibly failed to have noticed by now!) turning it into an even bigger story than it already was.

We’ve rounded up 27 of our favourite responses here.

But particular mention goes to the good people of the Sunday Sport, who did this. And it’s not just about what they did – well, it was – but it was this rather fabulous exchange which followed.

And just in case that’s tricky to read in full.

Well played, Sunday Sport!

When you’re getting trolled by the Sunday Sport, that probably says as much about the credibility of the Royal Family as anything else right now. The only way is up?


That ‘manipulated’ Kate Middleton picture is all anyone is talking about – 27 favourite reactions

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