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Bad day? Could be worse, you could be the guy who fell down the stairs straight into the fire alarm

To be filed under ‘Bad day? It could be worse …’ comes this classic of the genre which has just gone viral on Reddit.

It was posted in the subReddit called ‘watch people die inside’ for reasons which are about to become blindingly obvious.

Guy trips down stares, hits fire alarm
byu/Electronic_Call4376 inWatchPeopleDieInside

Probably not worth him buying a lottery ticket tonight – the newsagent will presumably be held up while he’s filling in his ticket.

Although, as no shortage of people were keen to point out, it was hardly his fault that he took a tumble.

‘Horrible stair design too. That last step is just hanging out to be tripped on by a passerby.’

‘Whoever built that stairway with the extra step is the one at fault here. That is mildly infuriating.’

‘Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like they fucked up what should’ve been the first step, and it was too high.

‘So they added that extra step that juts out to try to fix people complaining about how high the first step was. That new step is a shorter height than all the others if you look at the front face of each step to see the heights.

‘So that mini step is just making things extra fucked up, whether you’re going up or down.’

‘At least those automatic fire doors work.’

And also (and it’s worth another look …)

‘I thought the fire door underneath the camera was a couch and was baffled when it slid away.’


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Source Reddit u/Electronic_Call4376