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This Trump fan’s reason for preferring Putin to Joe Biden wins the Facepalm of the Month award

If Alexa needs a great example of cognitive dissonance in action, this clip of The Good LiarsDavram Stiefler talking to a Trump supporter will tick all the boxes.

@thegoodliars This person would vote for Putin over Biden. #fyp #interview #northcarolina #hm ♬ original sound – The Good Liars

“Putin wants to go back to good morality. He doesn’t allow all this crap about genders and pronouns and crap.”

“I’d rather have a corrupt Russian than a corrupt Biden.”

Torpedoing democracy to own the Libs.


This is how TikTok users reacted.

Wow. There just really is no reasoning with some folks.

Putin and good morality in the same sentence …just wow.
Insurance lady

She went from “tough decision” to “Hell yeah” real quick.
The Nagryph

How do these people have so much free time?

Ask them what date and year was there “good morality” in America …

Such a lack of critical thinking in this country…

Oh my gawd. I can’t believe it has gotten to this.

We’re all doomed.

What the hell is wrong with this lady?!
Dawn Christmer-Richa

Why wouldn’t she just move to Russia, then?

And They vote! Yikes

kaatje had a question.

America, you ok?

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