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An American in Yorkshire had a question about tea-making etiquette and it’s split the internet

If there’s one thing Brits take seriously, it’s their cuppa – and American in Britain Lisa DollanYorkshire Peach – ran up against her British husband’s strict rules about how to make it. She shared her dilemma on TikTok.

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There were two things at play.

1. Should you refill the kettle every time you boil it?

2. Do you need to run the tap for a bit to get ‘fresh’ water?

The cat was well and truly amongst the pigeons.

Some people were completely on #TeamHubby.

He ‘s right. You should use fresh water for every cup of tea – honestly!

But why is that water more fresh than immediate tap water?
Yorkshire Peach

You have to do this! You can’t just leave old water in the kettle!!!

Yeah, that’s correct, and, if it’s not poured AS SOON as the kettle clicks off, it gets poured out and we start again.

I will stand over the kettle at a friends and if they take too long to pour I’m getting involved no shame.

He’s right!! Boiling water more than once changes the flavour of it!!

I get it. I don’t want water that’s been sat in the pipes. I just don’t trust it.

I was taught to run the tap for a little bit first to get rid of the stagnant water laying in the pipes. No idea if it’s true but I run the tap anyway.
BrownEyedGirl she/her

Others were #TeamPeach – a lot less fussy.

I know people who do this, but as a 55yo born and bred Englishman, I just reboil whatever is already in the kettle.

I don’t know anyone who refills it every time, and think the majority of these people are absolutely waffling tbh.

I don’t do this, I CBA and just boil the water that already left in there from previous boil.
Emma&Avro the working cocker

Who can be bothered to put new water in every time?
Leslie LaMoon

Those that are on a water meter do not do this.

That’s an old fashioned way because the heating elements of older kettles could get limescale and taint cooling water.
Kevin Sneddon

Oh lord, nope! That’s a waste.
Faye Slocombe

Yeah he’s having a laugh.

Biker Biker pointed out that it isn’t the only contentious water habit in the UK.

Don’t worry, us British are a strange bunch. We rinse a perfectly clean glass before we fill it up and drink it.

There is one way to avoid the kettle debate. Only boil exactly what you need, then every brew is with fresh water. The environment will thank you for it and it might keep the peace at home.


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