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Penny Mordaunt’s hair caused the biggest buzz of the BBC debate – 19 cutting reactions

After the shouty fiasco of the leaders’ head-to-head debate on Tuesday, Friday saw seven party representatives face off on BBC.

The representatives were –

Penny Mordaunt – Conservatives
Angela Rayner – Labour
Daisy Cooper – Liberal Democrats
Nigel Farage – Reform UK
Stephen Flynn – Scottish National Party
Carla Denyer – Green Party
Rhun ap Iorwerth – Plaid Cymru

With an average audience of 3.2 million, the debate was a hot topic on social media, trending on Twitter/X because of reactions like these.

While there were a lot of very serious comments on matters such as the NHS, the cost of living, and the Conservatives’ hotly contested claim that Labour will add more than £2,000 in tax to every household, one major talking point was whatever the hell was going on with Penny Mordaunt’s hair.

Or rather, what wasn’t going on with it.

It was probably the happiest she could have made the internet without losing her seat to a person in a fancy-dress costume in a half-empty community centre at four in the morning.

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