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People have been sharing the money-saving things they do even though they might be considered well off – 16 thrifty tips

The rich stay rich by living like they’re poor, as your Dad would probably say.

Which is why you so often tend to meet well off people that are so miserly, they’d peel an orange in their pockets to avoid having to share.

Well, Reddit user hopelessmoderate wanted to find out the secret money-saving habits of the better off:

“‘Well off’ people of Reddit, what is the ‘poorest’ thing you still regularly do?”

And the responses are a mix of the practical, the thrifty and the ‘is this really worth it?’.

A lot revolved around food, perhaps unsurprisingly.


“Eat leftover sandwiches from corporate lunch meetings. Even if I’m not in the meeting. I’m not poor, but a free meal is a free meal.”


“Hoard food. If I can’t eat it or near expiry I shove it in the freezer where it’ll stay there forever. I know I won’t eat it, but consciously I don’t want to just throw it away”


“I still have a drawer dedicated to fast food sauces”


“I will still occasionally make the budget “pizza” my babysitter used to make for me when I was a kid: White bread, ketchup, and Kraft singles.”


“I’m a multimillionaire. I pack a simple turkey sandwich and yogurt every single day for work and have for almost 20 years.”

There are the household tips:


“My wife refuses to start the dishwasher unless it’s full. I don’t even know the price of water. The yearly bill is probably less than how much I would make in the time wasted arguing about it.”


“Take the sliver of soap and press it into the new bar.” (a process called “soap welding” apparently!)


“Turn the shower water off while I soap up and shampoo. I know it’s eco-friendly but it arose from my slim pickings childhood.”