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Fetch the aftersun for these anti-abortion protestors in Florida after this TikToker roasts them good and proper

It’s been a tough week to be an anti-abortion crusasder in the US.

First, the Good Liars embarrassed one pro-lifer by turning a Biblical quote around on her to expose her hypocrisy.

Now comes this clip from the TikTok account of Swans of Orlando, a group that helps to escort people to and from abortion clinics, protecting them from the protests and chants of anti-abortionists outside.

In the video, one of the Swans approaches a group of young Canadian protestors and draws attention to how all the pale-skinned Canucks are frying in the scorching Florida heat.

Even their feet are burning!

Needless to say, the Swan isn’t afraid to unload on the unwanted visitors either, much to some’s amusement.

To sum it up in one word, it’s all very…

Source @knoxdotmp3