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People have started queuing for drinks in pubs and it’s tearing the nation apart – 19 responses worth raising a glass to

British people love a queue. But this is going too far.

Some of you might have noticed a disturbing new trend at pubs across the country. Instead of the traditional mosh of people at a bar trying to order, people are lining up in single file to get served.

It could be a hangover from the Covid period. But such is the scale of the issue, there’s a Twitter account @QueuesPub to document the new social scourge.

Maybe it’s just a London thing for now – tsk, typical London – but this could be spreading to a boozer near you very soon, unless we act now.

Because, while we live in divisive, polarised times, surely we can all agree that is utter madness? Frankly it should be an election issue.

One example that went viral on X this week came from a user named Matt in Woolwich.

A lot of people are willing to take up the fight.