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A youngster asked people what life was like in the 2000s and the answers will leave you reaching for a zimmer frame


‘No fear of going viral for embarrassing things.’


‘In the UK at least, it seemed weirdly easy to get a job in the early 2000s. I left uni with minimal office skills and lived quite comfortably for a while with cheap rent and a series of data entry and filing (paper filing!) gigs.’


‘It cost 10p to send a text message, so when you were flirting with that cutie in your class you damn well made it count.’


‘Not having cell phones! If someone left the house… that’s it, you can’t contact them til they get back home! Mom’s going to be late picking you up from soccer practice? You won’t know it, but you just have to sit there and wait and assume she’s still coming to get you.’


‘Uploading your entire camera roll after a night out to a Facebook album without a second thought.’


‘I got in trouble at school and my teacher said that they were going to call home and talk to my parents. I made sure to be on the internet the entire evening so they couldn’t get through on the phone line.’


‘I bought a physical book to figure out how I wanted to spend my summers backpacking through Europe. Bought physical Eurail passes, mapped everything out with a sharpie. Worked perfectly. When I was there, I was just….there. No phone. Had to find an Internet cafe every few days to send an email home.’


‘MySpace was EVERYTHING. Learning to code your own page and the stress of rating your top eight friends. We would have sleepovers just to take new MySpace pictures and you could only have a few.’


‘I was a teenager in the early-aughts doing stupid teenager things because I was a stupid teenager, instead of doing stupid teenager things for internet clout.’


‘Marvelling at being able to carry your entire music library around in a device the size of a cigarette packet after spending the 80s and 90s carrying around cassette walkmans, personal CD players or Minidiscs. Living in the future man.’


‘Twas a simpler time. Freddos, Fudges and Chomps were £0.05/10p, bus fares were £1.00 for a good while. Things were of course generally cheaper, life was simpler. Fashion was eclectic and weird.

It wasn’t all exciting new technology and reasonably priced Freddos, though. A lot of people mentioned these events, succinctly summed up here:


‘Utopia at first. 2000 felt like were in the future. Cold War over. Internet boom.

‘Then dread. Dot com bubble. 9/11. DC Sniper. Iraq invasion. 2008 economic collapse.’

But this seems to be everyone’s overriding response to the question…


‘I must have dementia. I thought we were still there.’


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