People love how these people are choosing which colour to paint their house

In two (or by the looks of it, three) minds what colour to paint their house, these people in Brighton decided to open the question up to the masses.

And people really liked it after it was shared by Redditor rosseepoo who said: ‘How to pick what colour to paint your house.’

Here are just a few of the responses it prompted.

‘This is a very Brighton thing to do.’

‘I like how trusting they are, not only with leaving their pen outside but also that they trust people to only cast one vote and not just notch up ten in a row for their preferred colour.’

‘Somehow I knew this was Brighton even before seeing the bin.’

Although, unfortunately, quite a few people spotted a flaw in their plan.

‘But they’re all awful.’

‘Colours for the front door? Yes why not. Colours for the entire frontage? No, way too dark.’

‘Quirky, but TBF none of those colours are going to look nice, and the public has picked the least worse one!
Who thinks that avocado is a suitable colour for a house!’

Well, it is only an advisory referendum.


Sometimes the very best takedowns are also the simplest

Source Reddit u/rosseepoo Image Pixabay