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This vet’s takedown of an anti-masker’s unfair review is simply savage

It’s always entertaining to read a particularly brutal takedown of someone’s unfair online review.

We’ve featured plenty of them in the past, from restaurants to drive-in cinemas.

But we’re not sure we’ve featured a vet before, and it was well worth the wait.

‘My new veterinarian is an absolute savage!’ said Desert-DooDoo who shared it over on Reddit.

Simply pawesome.

‘Damn he just destroyed him … oof.’

‘Wait, did this person get so upset at being asked to wear a mask … that they followed the other person as they moved to a new job, then posted a bad review there? … The f*ck?’

“Unprofessional” really has become just a codeword for “Didn’t feed my entitlement.”

’10 out of 10, I would go to this veterinarian.’


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Source Reddit u/Desert-DooDoo