This coffee shop’s takedown of this outrageously unfair review is one for the ages

It’s always entertaining when a business gives an outrageously unfair review exactly the response it deserves, and this one is up there with the very best.

It’s a customer who was furious they weren’t welcome to bring in ‘outside coffee’ to drink in this cafe (see if you can spot why).

And the takedown that follows is like a triple espresso shot to the heart.


And just three of the things people said about it over on Reddit.

‘I love seeing business owners fight entitlement.’

‘Okay let me get this straight, they are basically complaining that they cant just use any random cafe to drink some other cafe’s product?

‘Do these guys also expect to be welcomed in a local steakhouse to eat their KFC bucket?!’

‘Anybody you’ve ever seen carrying a Starbucks cup in their hand is forever disqualified from speaking to the quality of coffee.’


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Source Reddit u/AndThenThereWasLily