This accidentally correct answer on Greg James’ quiz was simply magnifico

During a recent episode of Yesterday’s Quiz on the Greg James show, there was an accidental correct answer that got Greg really excited – which is no mean feat at quarter past seven in the morning.

Watch what happened.


My god I love Dave

♬ original sound – gregjames

“How do you say ‘hello’ in Italian?”

“Bonjour. No!”

In case you don’t know, ‘buongiorno’ is Italian for ‘good day’ and is pronounced ‘bonjour no’ – more or less.

Greg added –

“Judging by my tired face touching, Dave was exactly the energy injection I needed. Well done me for committing to a LIVE quiz EVERY DAY at 7:15am.”

It gave TikTok users an energy injection, too.

This had me crying!! Best thing ever!!

What is “Je ne sais pas” in English?

Task failed successfully.

It’s like the classic Russ Abbott Mastermind sketch.

That’s one way to wake u up.

I loved this, proper tickled me
Wednesday Joy Adams

A lot of pedants people came to the comments to say that ‘ciao’ is hello and ‘buongiorno’ is only good morning.

Greg had an answer for them.

“bUT bUonGiORno mEAnS GoOd dAY!!!!!” What’s Italian for WHY DO YOU HATE JOY?

Oliver King imagined a similar scenario.

That’s like ‘Can you give me the name of the standard unit of electrical power? What?!

Conor Flannery remembered another amazing quiz moment.

Like when “Pass” was the answer on The Chase!

And here it is …

@itvchase After 14 years of #TheChase, it FINALLY happened! And it's as GLORIOUS as we imagined #Comedy #Gameshow #BritishTV ♬ original sound – The Chase


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