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These Irish football fans outside a Victoria’s Secret has just gone wildly viral again and it’s 25 seconds very well spent

Here’s the perfect 25 seconds to take the edge off everything else that’s going on right now, just for a little bit.

It’s a video from back in the day – 2017, in fact – of Irish football fans ahead of their team’s World Cup play-off against Denmark in Copenhagen.

The travelling support had gathered for a drink or two in the Dubliner pub in the city centre which just happened to be opposite … a Victoria’s Secret. Which is when this happened.

Extraordinary scenes.

The clip went viral again after it was shared by @TheFootbaIlHub. You can read more about it here, and here are just three of the things people said about it (this time round).

And just in case you were wondering, it didn’t end well for Ireland, losing the play-off to Denmark 5-1.

Source @TheFootbaIlHub @liam11