This Mexican mum’s fury at her daughter complaining of the cold goes out to anyone who’s ever fought over the heating thermostat (so all of us then)

Over on Instagram @saianana describes herself as the ‘read head Latina’ and has no end of followers with fabulously viral videos, invariably featuring her Mexican mum.

And this one is a classic of the genre which has just gone viral on Reddit.

It’s an exchange about her feeling too cold and her mother’s apparent reluctance to do anything about it. Specifically, to turn up the thermostat.

And it’s a hilariously – and unexpectedly – relatable watch.

All’s well that ends well. Now go and put on a jumper.

‘Risky game she’s playing lol.’

‘In another video she does something even riskier by implying her mother’s salsa sauce isn’t hot.’

‘Lol. And her mom called her bluff by adding 62 chilies and had another, even spicier, salsa ready just in case.’

‘That ”dee-dee-dee” thing she did with her tongue to imitate her mom cracked me up.’

‘Seen some of her short videos on yt. Girl and her mom is hilarious.’

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Source TikTok @saianana Reddit makemeadiowarudo