This American’s excitement at a common British weather phenomenon chased the gloom away

TikTok star Lisa Dollan – @Yorkshirepeach – moved from Georgia – in the US, not Eastern Europe – to Yorkshire, where she lives with her British husband and son.

We can’t help but love her posts, because she helps us to see the UK through a fresh pair of eyes. That often comes with a side of humour, but always with a sense of sincere enthusiasm.

Lisa even managed to be enthusiastic about the rain. See for yourself.

@yorkshirepeach How!?!?!? #americanintheuk ♬ original sound – Yorkshire Peach

We’ve never seen anyone look so amazed by British rain, to be honest – and we suspect this lot hadn’t, either.

And people ask why Brits are obsessed with the weather. You’re definitely one of us now.

Wait til you’re walking down the road and walk out of rain into hot sun.

This happens so often! I’ll be walking home into the dark and look behind me and the sun’s still out.
lol no

The rain always has to end somewhere.

That’s how it ALWAYS rains here. So if you need to put your washing out, put it in the front garden.

It happens more than you think. Growing up we would rush out to get the washing in from the back garden as it was raining out the front.
John Guy

Welcome to the UK. It will be 32 degrees in 10 mins, then snowing in 15.

It’s so your front mat stays dry and guests don’t track mud in.

I live in South Wales and many times have I experienced 4 seasons in a half hour drive.
Emma Jenkins

ChloeAuDHD‘s comment was highly relatable – and so was Lisa’s reply..

“Your excitement makes me die. Love it.”

“I’m old -doesn’t take much these days.”


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