Adam Driver’s musical SNL letter to Santa has set a new standard for cold opens – and letters to Santa

Actor Adam Driver – of Star Wars, Marriage Story and House of Gucci fame – was this weekend’s guest host on Saturday Night Live, and he went straight in with a festive monologue …not to mention some very impressive piano playing.


adam's christmas ritual

♬ original sound – Saturday Night Live – SNL

“I also wanted one of those giant metal Tesla trucks. It would pair perfectly with my teeny, tiny micropenis.”

Elon ‘Free Speech’ Musk is going to love that line.

TikTok users loved all the lines.

He has no right to be this good at everything.
Amanda Whalen

I’ve heard most my life “the perfect man doesn’t exist.”
Adam Driver is my rebuttal!


My husband said “of course he plays piano.”

Dude, Adam Driver is so cool.

This is frankly the best SNL open I’ve ever seen. Literally every other host reads from a teleprompter. You can tell Adam took this seriously.

Wokeness killed Han Solo took me out.
Ann Margaret

He is the gift that keeps on giving!

Rachmaninoff who??

kwistinbistin had her own message for Santa.

I would like piano lessons from Adam driver for Christmas. thanks.

As a bonus, here’s an audience member getting a very special gift.



♬ original sound – Saturday Night Live – SNL

He must have been on the Good list.


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