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This Nikki Haley supporter’s Trump vs Biden logic will have you facepalming into next year

Not all US Republicans are fans of Donald Trump. One who had been supporting Nikki Haley until she dropped out explained his difficult position to the Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper.

His logic – or lack of it – is mindblowing.

@thedailyshow With Nikki Haley out of the race, her supporters have a tough decision to make: feel nothing or get punched in the nuts. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #NikkiHaley #Trump #Biden ♬ original sound – The Daily Show

“I think Trump will sell Ukraine to Putin. It’s a threat to global security.”

“You could feel nothing …or you could feel getting punched in the nuts.”

“At least if you get punched in the nuts, you can fight back.”


TikTok users despaired.

Makes me want cry hysterically – and I live in Denmark.

That tells you that they will all fall in line and vote for Trump. They cannot be trusted to uphold democracy.

I’ve been watching Jordan Klepper interviews since he started at TDS and I genuinely don’t know how this man has not run screaming into the void.

THIS. This does my head in. What is happening inside peoples brains when they do this?
Emily Harris

So his haircut makes more sense after hearing him talk.

The logic these people come up with.

I’d love to feel nothing. I don’t want to have to have “feelings” about the president. I want to be able to trust they’re doing a job and ignore them.

You can’t fight back Trump for 4 years.

Jordan Klepper’s therapist must be amazing if he is still doing these interviews and not losing all hope in humanity.

He’s worried about Ukraine but he is going to vote for the guy that wants to be a DICTATOR on day one!

Another Nikki Haley supporter hadn’t drunk as much of the orange Kool-Aid.

As a Nikki Haley supporter I will be voting for Biden lol even if unenthusiastically at least he isn’t treasonous.
Ari el

SpiritCharmer had a theory.

Trump is a liberal plant sent to destroy the Republican Party from the inside. Think about it.

It would explain a lot.


This MAGA cultist won’t believe Joe Biden’s in the White House until he sees it for himself

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