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Actress Jean Smart’s hilarious Maggie Smith impression is only topped by her Woody Woodpecker

Actress Jean Smart is currently starring in the TV series Hacks on Prime, but most of us will recognise her as one of the many love interests of Frasier Crane from the thankfully endless re-runs of Frasier, or from Watchmen, for which she was nominated for an Emmy.

She recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she revealed her hidden talent.- impressions. Not many impressions, but quality over quantity, right?

@colbertlateshow When it comes to impressions, Jean Smart has quite the range. #Colbert ♬ original sound – colbertlateshow

Both absolutely spot on. We’d love to see Dame Maggie Smith reacting to that – and doing a Woody Woodpecker impression, if we’re honest.

TikTok users were all over it.

If you only do two …do them really well… damn.
Spicy Senses

The way his face lit up when she said Woody Woodpecker!

Jean Smart is just a treasure!
Christina Cortez-Par

That’s a fanTAStic Dame Maggie Smith!! the woody woodpecker takes me back!
Miss Amynae

She nailed them both.
Melanie Hosmun

Dame Maggie Smith, from Downton? I don’t know… Sounded more like professor McGonagall.

I think if there were Damehoods in the US, we’d have Dame Jean Smart.
Robbie Egan77

THAT is the BEST impression of anyone I’ve ever heard.

She does have a Maggie Smith side profile.

Do Maggie Smith as Woody Woodpecker.
William Smith907

Ooh I love her. This makes me love her more.
Cocos puglife

David had a suggestion.

Jean Smart needs to host SNL and do a Downton Abbey sketch.

We second that.


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