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This little lad handled an emergency creepy-crawly situation in the best way possible

It must be tough having to be the man of the house when you’re only a kid and the situation involves a hefty-looking creepy-crawly – possibly a big spider. In fact, it can be tough dealing with that at any age.

Watch what he did.

It’s Okay, He Got This
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We would have done almost the same thing, except we’d have thrown it from further away.

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Adorable. Feels like a representation of me and my wife when she asks for help.

“Get back! Get back! I’ve got dis…NOPE!!!”

Handled it like a man with great speed. Lol.

I love the “get back get back.” Making sure nobody going to get hurt as he handling the situation.

He was just making sure his exit path was clear.

His parents are totally not going to show that video to his first girlfriend. No way …

This is my son and spiders. He is 34.

Spiders don’t scare me. It’s roaches. My watch thinks I’m having a heart attack when I spot one

He got this. Seconds later …he ain’t got this.

That made me shoot my drink out of my nose!

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They say he still running till this day and became the second Usain Bolt.


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