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There may be a few contenders for Funniest Live TV Moment – but this beats them all off

There’s always an added sense of danger for broadcasters going live, because just about anything could happen. Like this, for example –

Best ever free advert for Greggs.

With things like that in mind, danny@beyoncegarden – asked Twitter/X users to share their favourite live TV moments.

We strongly recommend you check out the replies and quotes, because it’s a goldmine of hilarity. These are perfect examples.

But this accidental innuendo from the one and only Susanna Reid has to be in with a shout of being the best funny live TV moment ever. There may be a few contenders, but we think it can beat them off.

Well done to Dan Stevens for maintaining some semblance of composure. It was more than some of these people could do.








Since we’re talking about Dan Stevens, let’s take another look at his fantasic live takedown of Boris Johnson.

10/10 – no notes.


Danny Dyer talks more sense than the government – Episode 137

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