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Surely the most unexpected political ‘interview’ of the campaign so far (with an A++ payoff to match)

We’ve watched plenty of political interviews during the election campaign but not one quite like this (until now).

It’s @rebeccagoodwin69 over on TikTok with a little and very clever slight of hand, talking (kind of) to Labour leader Kier Starmer.

@rebeccagoodwin69The General Erection…

♬ original sound – RebeccaGoodwin

It went viral after it was shared by @Bobbybollocks2 over on Twitter …

… and just a few of the comments it prompted.

And also this!


This advice for American single men was already bad enough but this hilarious exchange took it to a whole new level

Source TikTok @rebeccagoodwin69 H/T @Bobbybollocks2