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This hilarious interview with Leslie Nielsen and his ‘fart machine’ went hugely viral for good reason

We adored the late, great Canadian-American actor and comedian Leslie Nielsen. His peerless deadpan delivery made great films such as Airplane and TV shows such as Police Squad all the better. Not many people had or have such brilliantly natural comic timing.

And now an old interview has resurfaced of the star being interviewed on a show called ‘Talking with Leslie Nielsen‘. It’s been posted on Twitter/X by Historic Vids and has gone hugely viral.

Let’s have a look.

Leslie Nielsen using a fart machine is one of the best clips of all time pic.twitter.com/tlhdoeo9Ok

— Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) February 8, 2024

Wonderful. We all know that fart noises are inherently funny, but Leslie Nielsen elevates them to a sublime level.

When they got wind of it, others agreed.






Turns out that Leslie Nielsen used to take his fart machine everywhere and there’s more of this kind of thing, much to our delight…

And a compilation. A veritable feast of flatulence.


This video of Star Trek scenes but with added farts is childish but so very funny

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