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Telegraph columnist Celia Walden slammed the ‘shameful speculation’ about Kate Middleton and the internet replied as one

To the Daily Telegraph now, where columnist Celia Walden – married to YouTuber Piers Morgan, don’t you know – has come out fighting against anyone and everyone indulging in any sort of speculation about Kate Middleton.

You remember, Kate Middleton who took the hit for a ‘manipulated’ family picture on Monday by sharing her previously undisclosed passion for photoshop.

Anyway, here’s what Walden had to say.

And here’s a little bit more – well, the bit you can read before you have to pay – although it’s surely more than enough.

‘The shameful speculation about the Princess of Wales’s health has to stop.

‘People seem think the public own the rights to her mental and physical state – what happened to manners, grace and sensitivity?

‘Among the hours of television coverage and the acres of print that “manipulated” image prompted, one frequently expressed sentiment stood out: “The public have a right to be angry …’

And the entire internet – well, quite a lot of it – replied as one.

Source @TelegraphRoyals